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The wolf thought that was a good idea, so he sat down and waited. After a while, the lamb said, “If you allow me to dance, the grass in my stomach will be digested faster.” Again the wolf agreed.

When a caravan of gypsies comes to town, Larry wants to  bring his new friend to enjoy the entertainment at their camp- and , she agrees- but also invites her gal pal Jenny along as a welcome (for her, anyway) third wheel. They decide it’d be fun to have their fortunes told by a gypsy- but- when Jenny goes first- the fortune teller Bela sees a sign in her palm that drives him to tell her to flee! So much for entertainment- and, later, as Larry trudges home through the fog-enshrouded moors, he hears a scream- and rushes to help, finding poor Jenny being attacked by -a wolf! Larry  tries in vain to save her, finally beating the animal with his silver-headed cane, but getting bitten in the process.

Rita, The - Sea Wolf LeviathanRita, The - Sea Wolf LeviathanRita, The - Sea Wolf LeviathanRita, The - Sea Wolf Leviathan